Our Promise

I have the right to be happy and to be treated with kindness and respect. This means no one will laugh at me, ignore me, hurt my feelings or bully me.

I have the right to be myself. This means that no one will treat me unfairly because I am fast or slow, a girl or a boy, tall or short, heavy or thin or for any other reason.

I have the right to be safe. This means no one will hit me, kick me, push me, pinch me, taunt me with words or hurt me in any way.

I have the right to hear and be heard. This means that I will be free to express my feelings, opinions and questions without fear of being interrupted, made fun of or punished.

I have the right to be valued, appreciated and respected for my individual strengths and weaknesses. This means I will be encouraged, supported and challenged.

I have the right to ask for help and receive help. This means I can count on my teachers and friends to be there for me when I need them.

I have the right to feel sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed and any other feeling. This means those around me will give me space when I need it and offer me comfort when they can.

These are my rights and the rights of everyone in this room. By signing this pledge, I promise to respect the rights of my teacher and my friends and know that I too will have my rights respected.